Do Chia Seeds Really Make You Fart?

Do Chia Seeds Really Make You Fart?

Would you like to improve your personal health? If you would, you should consider adding Chia to your daily diet. These are little black and white seeds that are extremely popular by those that are constantly using superfood, and should be part of your dietary regimen if possible. You can usually find these at your local store, and once you get used to adding them to the different foods that you cook, and the beverages that you drink, it will simply become automatic.

You will also be motivated to do so because you will soon find that you are much healthier than you were before, plus it can help many problems that you may be suffering from right now. One concern that people have is that she will actually make you fart? Is this actually true? Here is an overview of how these wonderful seeds can literally change your health in a positive way, and if they will cause you to produce more intestinal gas.

An Overview Of Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsAssuming that you have never heard of Chia before, you should first realize that they are a true superfood. They contain quite a few vitamins and trace metals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which can help you become more healthy.

These are seeds that are grown in different areas of the world, but most importantly, they can be found at most stores all across the nation. You can order them on the Internet as well, having them sent right to your home, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits for a reasonable price.

The benefits of Chia have been known for hundreds of years, used by people in Central and South America. Once you get used to adding them to the different meals that you prepare every day, and even the drinks and smoothies that you consume regularly, you will start to notice how much healthier you are and that health problems that you may be experiencing will simply go away.

Five Reasons To Eat Chia Every Day

Most of us that grew up during the 1980s will remember the Chia pet, in novelty item that had a very catchy tune that was played on commercials shown nationwide. Thousands of these terra-cotta figurines were sold, but never was there any indication that there were more to these little seeds. Today, people have learned that Chia can be an excellent resource for vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, fiber, and also protein. So the number one reason why you should take them every day is because it can give you the daily allotment of all of these things, helping you to stay healthy.

FiberThe second reason that you should take them is if you are suffering from a mental disorder such as dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or any condition that is directly related to an inability of your brain to properly process information.

The third reason is that if you are lacking energy or stamina, the combination of the fiber, protein and carbohydrates will give you a boost of energy with every handful of Chia that you take. The fourth reason is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful in the construction of the cells of your body.

Omega-3’s are HDL-cholesterol, high density lipoprotein that have uncountable benefits, with the primary one being the proper development of the cells in your body and brain. Finally, Chia has also been known to help people stay regular, providing them with the ability to have consistent bowel movements throughout the week. However, in doing so, does it actually cause your body to produce an excessive amount of gas in your intestines? Let’s look at whether or not this is true.

Can Chia Cause You To Fart?

If Chia does actually create more intestinal gas, it stands to reason that you would fart more often. In reality, just like flaxseed, Chia can help reduce inflammation within the intestines, and therefore help prevent excessive gas buildup. The reason that we fart is because of what is called excessive flatulence, and by having more bowel movements, it is less likely that gaseous buildups will occur. Because Chia seeds will help you stay regular, as a result of the fiber that is in them, they can actually help prevent farting when taken regularly.

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