Are You Wondering Whether Chia Seeds Are On The Paleo Diet

Are You Wondering Whether Chia Seeds Are On The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has taken the world by storm in the recent decade. Lots of individuals have made the switch to the diet and spoken of great health benefits they have experienced thanks to the switch. There are lots of doctors and researchers that agree that the paleo diet has a lot of potential to be a very healthy diet for individuals all over the world. However, there are some problems when it comes to this diet. It is often hard for people to distinguish whether or not a particular food is acceptable in a paleo diet or not. Thus, this article will provide a concise answer as to whether or not chia seeds are on the paleo diet.

Chia SeedsBefore looking into chia seeds, it may be important to provide some background information in regards to the paleo diet as a whole. The diet was created to completely mimic what humans ate before such things as processed food became available. Essentially, the diet is all about eating foods that are able to be eaten naturally, without the need for human intervention.

As you can imagine, there are lots of foods, such as sausages, that cannot be eaten without human intervention. Thus foods such as this are banned from the diet. Any kind of food that requires the hands of humans to create are out of the entire diet, thus this means the vast majority of junk food among other foods that are commonly consumed around the world.

The basic philosophy behind why the paleo diet looks to eliminate these foods is because it is unnatural. The makers of the paleo diet believe that all of the processed foods that we eat each day on a regular basis is not good for our bodies. Why is this? Because human bodies were never made to eat these types of foods in the first place. Thus, the philosophy essentially says that any kind of food that would not have been able to be eaten naturally before human science is inherently bad for the body. There are lots of arguments as to whether or not this belief has any kind of substance to it.

However, there are lots of people that follow the paleo diet and swear by the amazing effects they have noticed from it. Chia seeds are definitely part of the paleo diet. This is because the seeds can be easily sourced from natural plants. Chia seeds are derived from the Chia plant which is found native in areas in and surrounding Mexico. These seeds are easily taken from the plant itself and then eaten. There is no human intervention required in order to make these seeds edible, thus they are considered paleo.

Without any kind of human intervention, anyone is able to go and pick these seeds and eat them. Thus, this is definitely the defining characteristic that makes them very much a part of the paleo diet. Chia seeds are enjoyed by many people who are on the paleo diet because they are simply packed with nutrients. Chia seeds, although are small, are immensely rich in nutrients. Many seeds are packed with nutrients, and Chia seeds are no exception. They full of many different vitamins as well as lots of soluble and insoluble fibre which is great for a whole range of different bodily functions.

Chia Seeds It’s very easy to see why so many people wonder whether or not this seed is on the paleo diet, as the seeds are very beneficial in regards to maintaining good health. Thus, seeing as the seeds are definitely a part of the paleo diet, more people that are on the diet should really try these seeds out. Out of all of the foods that are on the diet, these seeds might be one of the most nutritious.

Hence, the question in regards to whether chia seeds are on the paleo diet or not is answered! Such a natural, rich and nutritious food will most definitely be part of such a revolutionary diet. Hence, if you are reading this as you were wondering whether you were allowed to eat these seeds while following the paleo diet, relax! These seeds are perfectly suitable for the paleo diet.

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